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A continuación: Obras individuales, una por una …

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# 1 – Polo Castellanos, Mexico

30x60cm on Amate paper, ink, acrylic – no other information supplied.

Nowhere was the cord between man and spirit more tightly bound than in the making of amatl, the sacred paper of the pre-Hispanic peoples. This paper was so important to the spiritual needs of the community, that in spite of intense repressive measures by the Spaniards, it has continued to survive and is still used to connect the unseen world with the seen. In the mid-1900s amatl underwent a rebirth which re-vitalized the relationship between the indigenous people and their ancient paper. Remarkably, even though the application is new, it is so related to its use of old that one feels an unbroken thread.

Paper was sacred to both the Mayans and the Aztecs. It was the medium on which their history and discoveries were chronicled. It kept their records of trade and tributes. It filled their libraries with documents for future generation to witness. And of no less importance, it was used in every religious ceremony as an intermediary between the people and the gods. Source of information:


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#2 Katherine Siemens, Canada

“Flapper Exotique” Acrylic/mixed-media, 30cmx40cm.  I call her Flapper Exotique because she is a blend of illustration evocative of the Jazz Age, coupled with the rich textures of exotic vintage fabrics from India and France.


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#3 – Katia Muñoz, Spain/España

Green light – Red Universe - oil, 30cm x 50cm.  A small experiment of expressionistic universes in color…. lights and universes, integration of forms and lights, created with the certainty to provoke sensations… perhaps to experience the immensity or the infinity… by itself or as part of a whole… integration of forms, colors and artists.

Luz verde – Universo rojo - oleo,  30cm x 50cm.   Pequeño experimento de  universos expresionistas en el color… luces y universos, integración de formas y colores creado con fé  para provocar sensaciones  …quizás experimentar la inmensidad  o el infinito …  en si mismo  y como parte del total…integración de formas ,colores y artistas.


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# 4 – Marta Bressi, Argentina

“Women’s Hope” 30x40cm canvas on board. Acrylic transfer and scraping

“Esperanza de Mujeres” 30x40cm  Acrílico. Transferencia y raspado.


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#5 – Paula Weiszkopf, Argentina

“Canada” 30X50cm. Acrylic.

For this painting I was inspired by what came to me as first impact. That was like a whirlwind of colors and I imagined that with the different energies of each one of us as individuals, we could create the mural. I started to place myself within this whirlwind, position #5, I took the measurements and saw the colors I would have to use. Facing the canvas and the measurements I decided on a relief with a viscose material, which is not perfect without movement. A whirlwind of ideas continued until due to the shapes that touched me, while playing with the colors, I suddenly felt I was riding a horse to reach a destination faster than I was going. My mind kept changing scenes until arriving at a Polo game and automatically I was finishing this polo player’s face who will be a part of this entire game of the mural with different artists, none knowing what the other one is doing, only equal rules for each artist.

“Canada” 30x50cm Acrílico. Para pintar esta obra me inspire en lo que me llego como primer impacto. Eso fue como un torbellino de colores e imaginaba que con las diferentes energías de cada uno de nosotros  como individuos, potenciaríamos el mural. Comencé a ubicarme dentro de ese torbellino, posición #5, tome las medidas y vi los colores que necesitaría utilizar. Frente al lienzo y las medidas decidí hacer relieve con un material gomoso, el cual no queda perfectamente sin movimiento. Continuaba un torbellino de ideas hasta que por las formas que me tocaron, mientras jugaba con los  colores, de repente sentí que estaba en un caballo para llegar a  destino más rápido de lo que iba, mi mente iba mutando hasta que llego a un partido de Polo, y automáticamente  estaba terminando esta cara de polista que será quien me de la pauta de que correrá y será parte de todo este juego del mural con diferentes  artistas  de los que nadie sabe que hace el otro, solo determinadas reglas para todos los artistas iguales.


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#6 – Alicia M B Ballard, Canada

(Very poor – unavoidable) photo quality due to high reflection)

“Secret Giggles of the Dancing Cosmic Goddesses Covenant:  A  New Age Satire” 30cm x 60cm. acrylic on canvas board, recycled paper, Swarovski crystals, golden thread, feathers, synthetic mesh, tule, glass beads and feathers…  My original  intention was to present a profound statement – a signature work to convey the spiritual and intellectual union of the female artists in this project. My thinking was inspired by their contributions; its former name “Axis Deabus” perhaps, by the sheer cheekiness of  my ego…  The paper spirals were meant to represent goddesses in their quiet wisdom.  Everyone though the work was finished, but I, could not come to terms with its sparse austerity and  linearity. I felt it desperately needed some feminization. First, came the crystals, a few weeks later the “grass skirts”, then the tassels, and later on the tulle. Still, weeks later I went hunting  for laces and feathers… Last, but not least, added the glass beads, and I still was not at peace with it after all this time, until I awoke the next morning, gave it a passing, casual glance and thought: it looks like a cheap whorehouse!  When I finished laughing, I realized it had been quiet journey from the deities to the whorehouse! I also realized  that through this process,  taking  several  months, made it  clear  to  me  that  the concept of  Axis Deabus  was  actually,  not part of my core beliefs.

“Sonrisas secretas de la alianza de las diosas cosmicas bailarinas: una satira new age” Acrílico/mixta 30X60cm papel reciclado, tulle, hilo, vidrio, cristal Swarovki…  Mi interción original para ésta obra fué de hacer un comentario profundo – una obra tipo “portada” – conmemorando la unión espiritual e intelectual de las participantes en éste proyecto. Mi inspiración nació en las historias de sus contribuciones; su título original fue “Axis Deabus”, un muy probable atrevimientos de mi ego…   Los espirales de papel representarian a las diosas en su calma sabiduría.  Aquí, a mi alrededor,  todos pensaban que la obra estaba terminada, pero yo, no podía conformarme con su esparsa austeridad y linearidad. Necesitaba una urgente feminización!  Primero, se integraron los cristales, unas semanas mas tarde las “polleras isleñas de paja”, luego  las bolitas de cristal ……. y  más tarde todavía, el tul.  Sin embargo, seguí buscando encajes y plumas por semanas. Fué al final que le coloque los hilitos con las bolitas de vidrio, sin embargo  no me otorgaron satisfacción – hasta que – a la mañana sigiente pasé por su lado y, al hecharle un vistazo de costado  pensé: parece un prostíbulo barato!  Cuando acabe de reirme, me dí cuenta que había hecho menuda jornada; desde las deidades, hasta el prostíbulo!  También me di cuenta que éste proceso, el cual llevo varios meses, me aclaró que el concepto del Axis Deabus, en realidad, no es parte de mis profundas creencias.


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#7 – Pauline McLean Dutkowski

Photo courtesy Don Dutkowski

Open Secret” 30x40cm Fibre/Textile, acrylic on canvas board.   ”So many rocks are gray and dull on the outside.  Not very interesting.  Not worth our attention.  However, split one open and secrets inside are revealed.  We tend to judge people the same way.  It is a good reminder not to judge by outward appearances alone.”


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# 8 – Elizabeth Christopher


30x 60cm.  Materials: oil paint, thread and tulle on canvas board.

My painting, “Weaving the River”, explores the individual soul journey, as well as, the collective experience of all souls.


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#9 ~ Anibal Nazzaro, Argentina

“U PIATTARO” 40X60  The painting is an acrylic on canvas board which includes cotton rope cut out from a fishing net belonging to my father. “The dish seller” tells the story of an orphaned and homeless adolescent, named “U PIATTARO”, who emigrates from Italy after World War I. He departs from Ischia Island on a ship, as an accidental stowaway, setting sail.  During the voyage he sleeps in the hold of the ship until he arrives in Buenos Aires in absolute solitude. This story with a happy ending, was told to me with abundant details by his great granddaughter  inspiring this paiting.

“U PIATTARO” 40X60cm - La pintura es un acrílico sobre cartón entelado.  Incluye soga de algodón recortada de una red de pescador de mi padre. “El vendedor de platos” cuenta la historia de un  adolescente huérfano, emigrante italiano, que sale desde la isla de ISCHIA, después de la primera guerra mundial. Sus días en Italia transcurrían en soledad. Se lo conocía como “U piattaro”. Vendía platos de aluminio de casa en casa, para lograr el sustento diario.  Sin hogar, el cansancio nocturno lo encuentra durmiendo en la bodega de un barco anclado en el puerto de Nápoles. Esa madrugada, el barco zarpa.  Sin saberlo, estaba viajando a Sudamérica. En la más absoluta soledad, llega al puerto de Buenos Aires. La historia, con final feliz, la relata su bisnieta, que abundando en detalles, inspiró mi pintura.



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#10 ~ Gabriela Saenz, Mexico

“Abrazo” 30X 60cm. Mixta. Formas orgánicas se desgajan en el abrazo de la múltiples manos que se avienen. Con afanosa intención sobre marea interminable y su movimiento espiral, las manos van tatuadas con redes de luz, elemento unificador entre ellas. Peces. Aves. Ojos.Insertos en la matriz que genera la conexión con la vida. En el recuadro verde, un espectador silente, da la espalda al conjunto.


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#11 ~ Robin de Lavis, Canada

“Untitled” 30×60 Acrylic/Mixed-media.  I am intrigued by the notion of the many ways that threads can bind us. For my panel I decided to use mainly embroidery threads. Women have been using these silken strands for centuries to embellish, repair or to just express their creativity. I have chosen strands of various lengths and thickness. Some fall into lovely patterns, some become entangled, but always there is a cohesive whole.  At the base of the piece are three small mirrors that we can see ourselves reflected back from. Above them are Swarovski crystals rising up and radiating their light. Scattered throughout the piece are glass beads and holographic sprinkles with their rainbow hues. The small pieces of netting represent the ways we can become trapped into our patterns or connected through the strands that the mystical net symbolizes.  Soaring above all this is the bird. This piece comes from an antique piece of fabric that I have had stored away for years waiting for the right purpose. The bird represents our freedom, our ability to rise above our earth bound situations and to truly let our spirits soar.


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# 12 ~ Maria Graziella Núñez, Mexico

“Opportunity” oil on canvas board,  60 x 30 centimeters. The main idea is based on the words: work and strength and by doing so, it talks about opportunities we have in life. How to take advantage of them when they occur by using the force that keeps us moving into the future, that is Love in any of its forms.  So we can conquer any challenge in our business or personal life. That’s why I painted a hand, (a left one), climbing a ladder, with a composition in a straight line upward. Covering much of the frame by big and expressive Hand puling the future.  This came into my mind, by taking advantage of the position of  my work within the mural Fiber Fusion. By being  bottom center of the mural, it gives a sense of holding it together by the will of all of us going into the future.  We have freewill, it is ours to use..!  So, I decide to drive my  life by hard work and love into the end of my days. Painted in bright colors and prevalent as the red and green, which gives a touch of Mexican atmosphere, the colors of the Mexican flag and others as shades of blue, purple and yellow that give it the touch of volume and strength to hand, using natural light when drawing, only to exaggerate colors. The hand has a little twist to left giving a sense of movement.

“Oportunidad” La pintura fue llamada “oportunidad”, es una obra realizada en el año 2011, con la técnica óleo sobre cartón entelado, en medidas de 30 x 60 cms. La idea principal se basa en las palabras trabajo y fuerza y al hacerlo habla sobre las oportunidades que tenemos en la vida. Del cómo tomar ventaja de éstas cuando se producen mediante el uso de la fortaleza que nos mantiene en movimiento hacia el futuro, que es el amor en cualquiera de sus formas. Así que podemos vencer cualquier reto en nuestro negocio o vida personal. Es por eso que he pintado una mano, (la izquierda), subiendo una escalera, con una composición en una línea recta hacia arriba, que cubre gran parte del cuadro en tamaño grande y expresivo atrayendo el futuro. Esto me vino a la mente, mediante el aprovechamiento de la posición de mi trabajo en el mural de Fiber Fusion. Ubicado en la parte inferior central del mural, que da un sentido que la mantenga unida por la voluntad de todos nosotros entrar en el futuro. Tenemos libre el camino para escoger, que es la nuestra para usar..! Así que decide conducir mi vida por el trabajo duro y el amor en el final de mis días. Pintado en colores como el rojo y el verde, que da un toque de ambiente mexicano, dentro de algunas tonalidades de la bandera mexicana, y otros como tonos de azul, púrpura y amarillo que le dan el toque de volumen y fuerza a mano, usando la luz natural en la elaboración y exagerando los colores. La mano tiene un pequeño giro a la izquierda dando una sensación de movimiento.


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Space Available / Espacio Disponible



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#14 ~ Rosi Saldaña, Mexico

No information provided.


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#15 ~ Alicia M B Ballard, Canada

“Two by four and A third wheel” 30cm x 30cm Acrylic on Canvas Board, Canvas, Gold, Silver and Copper leaf .    Inspired by our culture of segregation, for any reason, but mainly, as a punishment to those that appear to be different. It is extremely common to ignore those that are different, in the worst of cases even inflicting blockages and  other harm… We are definitely not the same, however, we are all equal.

“Dos por cuatro y la tercer rueda” Acrílico/mixta 30x30cm  Carton entelado, tela, hoja de oro, plata y cobre.   Inspirada en la cultura de segregacion en la cual vivo. Que es mas bien cualquier razón, pero mas que nada como castigo por parecer ser diferente. Es extremadamente común, ignorar a aquellos que son diferents, en el peor de los casos bloqueandolos y haciendoles otros daños… Aunque no seamos los mismos, somos todos definitivamente iguales.



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#16 ~ Cibelle de Pilla, Brasil

30x 60cm Acrylic/Acrilico  -  Information not provided.


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#17 ~ Rubén Torres, Brazil

“THE EGG ERA” 40X60 Acrylic.  Within the time and ancsience spectrum… the birth, the origin and the overcoming of the past inherent in a furtuitos present that vanished without us realizing it, without altering the senses we reconcile with a playful way to simple Crack the egg… and begin a new era

“LA ERA DEL HUEVO” 40X60 Acrilico.  Dentro del espectro del tiempo y la conciencia… el nacimiento, el origen y el transgredir del pasado inherente al presente fortuito que desaparece sin darnos cuenta, sin alternar sentidos conciliamos de una forma divertida y en un simple Crack al quebrarse el huevo…  iniciamos una nueva era, La era del huevo.


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#18 ~ Fransisco Javier Echeñique, Venezuela

“Conversación de titanes marinos” 30 cms. x 60 cms. Mixta sobre tela.   En esta oportunidad y respondiendo al compromiso con el mural colectivo Fiber Fusiòn de la ciudad de White Rock en Canadá, el énfasis  en su  divertimento de manchas espontáneas  y transparentes sugieren la conversación entre dos titanes del mar. El color de sus aguas frías y revueltas, combinan la fauna lacustre de su ciudad natal y las mutaciones e híbridos provocados por la contaminación. Hay pocas mezclas hechas en la paleta y la superposición de aguadas, captan una sinfonía de matices primarios y complementarios con ritmos y vaivenes de olas turbulentas y chubascos con ondulaciones intrincadas que representan el caos marino y la lucha por la sobrevivencia.!/profile.php?id=744457952&sk=info



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#19 ~ Lexi Sundell, United States

Photo: provided by artist

“Heritage” canvas board 60X60cm Acrylic/Mixed-media.   In keeping with the theme of Fiberfusion, a woven braid and cheesecloth were incorporated into this painting. The braid was made from crochet cotton leftover from my mother’s tablecloth project when she passed away over thirty years ago. As the thread was so fine, I braided it into three strand braids. I took the three strand braids and used them to make a five strand braid. The fibers in this panel represent the family and past for me. The cheesecloth is rather battered looking, as all our lives sometimes are. Yet, out of the tattered fibers of our past a new beauty emerges. My grandfather grew many poppies and painted them, as I do myself now, although in a drastically different style. A poppy always represents transformation to me.  Luminous light and beauty emerge from all the threads of my past. My mother would have been thrilled to know her crochet cotton became part of one of my paintings touring the world.


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#20 ~ Laara WilliamSen, Canada

“Distant Galaxies” 40x40cm. Acrylic/Mixed-media.   I am moved to transform my interior emotions, visions and my gathering of experiences onto the canvas.  In the past I have created both art works that I intended to be uplifting and also some that I wanted to confront with the intention of bringing social change.   The inspiration for my painting for the FiberFusion Mural came from a wonderful ball of wool that my future daughter in law, Sheri Fulliel gave to me.  The wool was many colors of pink, purple and gold.  In looking through my book about our Universe, I found a photograph that I could adapt using the wool and acrylic paints.  My hope for the FiberFusion art work, “Distant Galaxies” is that it may uplift those who view it.  However, once I have completed a painting, the viewer may gather what they wish to from it as I believe when the painting is finished it has a life of it’s own.


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#21 ~ Pauline McLean Dutkowski

Voyage – From the Old Country to the New30x40cm.  Silk and cotton, acrylic on canvas board. The voyage from the old country to the new took place many years ago.  The vast expanse of grey, restless Atlantic Ocean seemed to stretch ahead forever.  The monotony was broken only by the sparkles of the sun on the waves and the occasional seabird escorting our utilitarian vessel.  This was no luxury cruise but it was still a great adventure for a thirteen year old girl.


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#22 ~ Space Available / Espacio disponible



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#23 ~ Maria Dermengiu, Romania

“Untitled” 30x60cm Acrylic/Mixed media.   The story behind this work is about connecting to nature. I have used cotton fibers from my kids clothes and felt from their toys as well.  It was a team project in the sense that my kids really wanted me to incorporate not only the physical material but their ideas of how nature looks from their perspective- how we perceive it –  it’s all about nature through a child’s eyes.  The tree branches were secured onto the panel with medium gel. I have used acrylics colors and ink for the black little branches.  For the textured sun I used acrylic putty.



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#24 ~ Waiting for George!?




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#25 ~ Consuelo Font Escoi, Spain/España

“The Sea’s seduction”
Chronology: 2011 Technique: Acrylic painting and mixed media. Dimensions: 30 cm x 60 cm. Support: Standard canvas board.
Materials: Acrylic,  plastic  fillings,  glues,  white  big  relief  paste  of  rustic  appearance, it´s  a  paste  for  texturing,  high  flexible,  transparently  and  brightly,  glue  cement  paste, fixative  varnish,  fabric  scraps,  dried  flowers,  different  types  of  ropes,  white  marble, paintbrushes, palette knife, scissors.
Work description: The theme appears since I discovered my great emotion and attraction by the sea. Living  near  to  the  sea  makes  I  feeling  myself  very  creative.                                 The  strokes  of  the colors are immersed in the warm waters to describe the beauty of each and every animal living inside. The dominant figure in the picture is in the middle where can see the balancing of the red and blue background zones. This sea creature has a large central eye and can see all that the sea hides. Around it are some small marine figures which are walking with him.


“La seducción del mar”
Cronología: 2011 Técnica: Pintura acrílica y técnica mixta. Dimensiones: 30 cm x 60 cm. Soporte: Cartón entelado.
Materiales: Acrílico,  enduido  plástico,  colas,  pasta  de  gran  relieve  y  de  aspecto  rústico,  pasta  de  texturas  flexible  y  transparente,  cemento  cola  en  pasta,  barniz  fijativo,    retazos  de  tela,  flores  secas,  diferentes  tipos  de  cuerdas,  marmolina  blanca,  pinceles,  pinceletas,  espátulas,  tijeras.
Descripción de la obra: El tema surge a partir de aquello que me emociona y atrae “el mar”.  Vivir  a  su  lado  me  recrea  la  imaginación  y  me  hace  llegar  hasta  su  fondo.  Las pinceladas de colores se sumergen en sus cálidas aguas para describir la hemosura de él. La  figura  dominante  del  cuadro  se  encuentra  en  la  zona  central  equilibrando  las  zonas  de  fondos  rojo  y  azul.  Esta  criatura  del  mar,  con  un  gran  ojo  central  observa  detenidamente  todo  lo  que  el  mar  esconde.  A  su  alrededor  pequeñas  figuras  marinas  lo  rodean  y  acompañan  en  su  paseo.
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#26 ~ Hugo Maldonado, Argentina

“Delirio Caoba” 40x60cm Acrilico/Mixta.  Para este proyecto he reunido materiales diversos como son telas  microfibradas, papel intervenido y tejido en lana animal. Mi imagen está relacionada con un mundo ficcional donde la caricatura propone sumar un criterio cómico sobre el uso de las fibras. El desafio en esta propuesta es integrar un visión compartida con otros artistas de diferentes partes del mundo. El comienzo del mismo fue el interrogante sobre el desconocimiento de la obra de otros artista de cual no se tiene referencia y también ajustarse a los condiciones de trabajo sean estas desde la geometría interna o desde el color! Los cuales fueron superados gracias a las sugerencias del grupo Virtuosi in fraganti y la creadora, Alicia Ballard.!/profile.php?id=1462771599



La propuesta es sumar con mi obra a esta Espiral Logarítmica  en crecimiento y comunicar la experiencia sobre usos diversos sobre la fibras en las sociedades contemporáneas.


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#27 ~ Scott Christopher, United States

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#28 ~ Alicia M B Ballard, Canada

“Deciduousness” 30cm x 40cm Acrylic on Canvas board, Individually died fiber strips, tree bark.   Reflects the impermanence of life… It all passes: the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly. Everything has its cycle, everything is always in a “process”, as in the deciduousness of a some tree species – which abandons that which is familiar, known and “sheds its clothing”, takes a “nude” rest, recharges its energies and renews itself with tender vigor…

“Caducidad” Acrílico/mixta 30x40cm Con retazos de fibra teñidos individualmente, corteza de árbol.   Reflejando la impermanencia de la vida… todo pasa: lo bueno, lo malo, lo bello, lo feo. Todo tiene su ciclo, todo es siempre “un proceso” asi como la caducidad de ciertas especies de árboles – abandonando todo lo familiar, conocido y  se toma un descanso, “desnudo” y, recargando sus energias, se renueva con tierno vigor…

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#29 ~ Alicia M B Ballard, Canada

“Fusion-Smusion”, Acrylic/mixed 40X60 cm.  Part of the cardboard discarded during sizing of the canvas board was re-used as an additional fibre element.  The work is an impression of FIberFusion’s organizing process/trajectory – thus far!

“Fusion-Smusion” Acrílico/mixta 40x60cm  Parte de las sobras del carton entelado, al ajustarlo a medida, fueron incorporadas a la obra como un adicional elemento de fibra.  La obra es una impresion del proceso/trayectoria de realizacion de FiberFusion – hasta la fecha!



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#30 ~ Aníbal Nazzaro, Argentina

“HELLO ¡!!!” 30x40cm acrylic/mix-media on canvas board.  With this work I wanted to say hello to all in the mural. Feel de celebration of color and fibre. To fill my space with blue to be there – while I am not.  Greetings to all from Bahia Blanca, Argentina.

“HELLO ¡!!!” 30x40cm tela sobre cartón – acrílico/mixta.  Con esta obra, quise  saludarlos desde mi lugar en el mural. Sentir la fiesta del color y la fibra. Llenar de color el azul impuesto para estar, sin estar.  Saludos para todos desde Bahía Blanca, Argentina.


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#31 ~ Pauline McLean Dutkowski, Canada

Stranded on Pebble Beach” 30x40cm Fibre/Textiles, Acrylic on canvas board.   ”As the tide retreats, creatures are left behind – stranded - exposed to predators and the elements, until the sea returns to protect them once more”.


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#32 ~ Ercilio Núñez Vidriales, Spain / España


30X60c. Fiber, silver oil, acrylic on canvas board.    “Splendor” is the title of this allegorical work representing two crucial bull fighting moments. The background is the very ancient ‘Huerta del Rey’ (Burgos, Spain) a town where the artist resides. The plaza flooded by the rays of the Sun God.   The toast goes beyond the norm as it enters the esoterical realm; it is a ritual toast of life and death surrounded by symbols: an acacia branch, a lit candle, the bull fighters altar, a broken glass and the number 3, that announces the ternary or trinity.  The “long change” pass of the bullfighter with the cape is done with majesty and valor to a bull that appears to come out of the plaza’s grange, with lots of will and brawn.

30X60c. Fibra, Hoja de plata, acrilico sobre carton entelado.   “Esplendor” es el titulo de esta obra alegórica de la tauromaquia ,representando dos momentos taurinos de importancia, con el fondo de la antiquísima plaza de toros de Huerta del Rey (Burgos, España ) pueblo en el que reside el autor de la obra. Todo impregnado por los rayos de un sol que se muestra como un  Dios, como el Toto Solar.   El brindis va mucho más allá de lo normal , entra en el misterio de lo esotérico; es un brindis ritual , de vida y muerte rodeado de símbolos: una rama de acacia , una vela encendida ,el altar del torero ,una copa rota y el numero tres que anuncia lo ternario o la trinidad.   El pase del torero es una “Larga cambiada “con el capote, hecha con valor y majestuosidad aun toro que parece  salir de las alquerías de la plaza con mucha fuerza y temperamento.

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#33 ~ Space Available / Espacio disponible





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#34 ~ Wendy Rose Blakshaw Hamphrey

“Passion” 30x40cm acrylic/mixed
My intention when painting is to transform the art materials at hand into an image that expresses an elusive universal truth. I often try to portray the ephemeral or transitory quality of the natural world around me, attempting to capture that fleeting moment of beauty and joy before it disappears. I have always taken pleasure in the interplay of colour and texture in my work, so I was excited by the prospect of incorporating actual plant and textile materials into my work for the Fiber Fusion project, rather than just simulating texture with paint. The flowers in my panel of the mural feature stems made of silken cord; sepals at their bases from tissue paper; and the most prominent flower centre in the foreground is fashioned from pine needles, a lily stamen, and miniature rosehips.
Several years ago, I started experimenting with expressing the concept of metamorphic growth or change. This process began with painting a puzzle-like triptych depicting the organic metamorphosis of plant life cycles as well as a geometric or structural metamorphosis of the hexagonal canvases on which it is painted. I always intended to further develop these ideas and return to my original conception of the cyclical nature of plant life.
The passion flower vine is certainly one of the most exotic and ephemeral flowering plants around and I have been avidly photographing its many stages for years. This particular varietal, Passiflora violacea or ‘Lavender Lady’, is not zoned for our climate in south-western Canada, so had to be carefully nurtured and wintered indoors. Unfortunately, neither she nor her hardier cousins (the more commonly known Passiflora caerulea) survived the harsh winter that struck us recently. So in addition to its symbolism of the fleeting nature of life, this painting also honours the memory of all the passions that have died through neglect or indifference, and reminds us that they can be reborn to live anew. Despite my intention, I am aware that each creation gains a life of its own when viewed by others and I encourage you to freely develop your own personal interpretation of what you see before you.

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#35 ~ “Four Nuts and a Squirrel” collective, Canada

Currently occupied by/  En éste momento ocupado por:

Mixed media by the impromptu “Four Nuts and a Squirrel” collective

An impromptu, temporary realization.

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#36 ~ Space available / Espacio disponible


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“Outside the Box” name tags for “FiberFusion”

One of the fun aspects of FiberFusion in White Rock was the design and making of the “Fascinator” name tags for the local Virtuosi… / Uno de los aspectos más placenteros de FiberFusion en White Rock ha sido diseñar y armar las tarjetas de identificación “Fuera de la Caja” para las Virtuosi locales…

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Coming Soon / Pronto llega




Phase II / Fase II



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The International FiberFusion mural project

White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

September 1 – 30, 2011

(More photos at mural page)


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The Local Artists Mural Tour/Talk on Saturday, September 3, 11:00AM and at 2:30PM at the museum has been attended by small and gracious groups of guests (we managed to sit everybody comfortably), it was a pleasure to share with such attentive audience  the stories behind  each work, as provided, and that of the mural history to date and future plans for it.

Pauline McLean Dutkowski, Katherine Simens and myself were at hand to answer questions.

Bellow, I share with you the fitting introduction of Jasmin Moore, Collections and Exhibits Coordinator,  made on that date.

Good morning Ladies and Gentleman, my name is Jasmine Moore, I am the Collections and Exhibits Coordinator here at the White Rock Museum and Archives. I am new to this position, having started only 3 months ago. I must say that I am honored to be part of this project, for it represents so much more than a mural, on a wall, in a museum. For me it represents a fundamental yet necessary shift in museum practice. Museums have long been viewed as a place to store and talk about history. Many have argued that they are subtractive entities, housing historical treasures of a community while using those objects to tell stories about life in that community from the perspective that it is often one sided. In today’s global world it is very important for museums to become more than just a place of history and culture, but a place of active story telling.

Collaborative projects such as FiberFusion allow museums to think outside their conceptual boxes, moving form one sided stories of history towards becoming a place where stories are actively told by members of the community, a place where creation and collaboration, are place where stories are actively told by members of the community, a place where creation and collaboration meet in order to celebrate history, art and culture or raise awareness and challenge fundamental truths about society. Collaboration is a process that does not take away but instead expands knowledge, enhances negotiation, and encourages understanding to develop a more holistic story and a better representation of reality. It offers artists such as the 26 who have participated in FiberFusion, a chance to express and present their view points. The power of this project, for me lies in the story each artist has to tell that has been inspired by fibre, the multiplicity of perspectives like threads in a tapestry, each one distinctive and unique, coming together to form a beautiful work of art to be shared with the world.

Although my part was very small, I would like to thank Alicia for the opportunity to be part of this project, her passion and dedication have truly been an inspiration for me. I would also like to thank Camille Owens for initiating having this exhibit in our museum, I hope to carry forward this vision of a museum as a place of active collaboration. Without further ado I would like to introduce Ms. Alicia Ballard, the lead story teller in this global community project.

Thank you. Very much appreciated Jasmin.

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Welcome  ~   Bienvenidos  ~  Bienvenue

Benvenuto  ~  Biemvenido  ~  Willkommen

Isten Hozott  ~  Benvingut  ~  Ongi etorri

Добро пожаловать  ~  Benvido  ~  Hoşgeldin

For the time being, this page will remain only bilingual English – Spanish.
Por el momento esta página permanecerá únicamente bilingüe Castellano-Inglés.


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